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Monroe College

Monroe College is a private, career-oriented educational institution in New York City, USA. This private college was established in 1933. The college was founded in 1933 by Mildred King as the Monroe School of Business, a women’s business school in the West Farms section of the Bronx. Classes were held at the site of the former Starlight Ballroom. Monroe College has been providing quality education to students since its establishment. It is a reputed college for excellence in academic courses, practical experience, and student support services. Monroe College has campuses in the Bronx and New Rochelle. Monroe College offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses designed to prepare students for success in their chosen careers.

Degree/Courses offered by Monroe College

At Monroe College, students can choose from various degree programs, including business, criminal justice, hospitality management, nursing, computer science, and more. The college also offers several certificate programs that provide students with specialized training in medical assisting, paralegal studies, and culinary arts. All the programs at Monroe College are taught by experienced faculty members committed to providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their fields.

Academies of Monroe College

Monroe has more than 250 full-time and adjunct faculty members, and the undergraduate student-faculty ratio is 15:1. Monroe College has three academic semesters during the 12-month calendar year. Each semester is a standard 15-week course of study.

The School of Allied Health Professions was founded in 2000 and has clinical and non-clinical programs. The School of Nursing has programs such as the Certificate in practical nursing program (LPN), an Associate’s in applied science degree program (AAS), and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN) that qualifies graduates to obtain their license as registered nurses.

Monroe College World Ranking

Monroe College World QS Rankings 2023

  • Monroe College Ranks 54 in Regional Universities North (tie)
  • It ranks 46 in Best Colleges for Veterans (tie)
  • It ranks 7th in Best Value Schools in the USA.

Monroe College International Students

Monroe has worked closely with thousands of students from all over the world. Once applicants submit their application, the personal Admissions Advisor will guide them through the admissions, visa, and registration process. The minute the students enroll at Monroe, a caring team of faculty and staff will support him/her through graduation.

Moreover, Monroe College has a diverse student body, with individuals from over 60 countries studying there. The college also offers various resources and support services to ensure students have a fulfilling college experience, including academic advising, career services, tutoring, and more.

Monroe College Application Deadline 2023

There are three admission seasons open at Monroe College. International students can enroll in any of these three seasons.

  • Spring 2023 Academic Calendar
  • August Bridge Semester Academic Calendar
  • Fall 2023 Academic Calendar

Monroe College IELTS or Equivalent Requirements

For applicants from countries where English is the primary language and who have earned a high school diploma or associate degree in English:

Monroe will waive the English test requirement. The English department will review the 350-word admissions essay for placement into the correct English-level course.

For applicants from countries where English is not the primary language but who have earned a high school diploma or associate degree in English:

Monroe will waive the English test requirement. The English department will review the 350-word admissions essay for placement into the correct English-level course.

All other applicants must submit TOEFL, IELTS, or Duo lingo test scores. Please note that the Duo lingo test is preferred.

Applicants required to take an English test must take one of the tests listed below and score the following for direct admission to undergraduate degree programs. The college recommends Duo lingo as the best option based on convenience and price. Students who qualify academically for admission to a degree program but do not meet the need for English standards will be advised to study ESL at Monroe’s English Language Institute before being fully accepted to a degree program.

  • Duo lingo Score: 90 or above
  • TOEFL: 65 or above
  • IELTS: 6 and above

Why choosing Monroe College will be the best decision for you?

Practical experience-based quality education

One of the unique features of Monroe College is its focus on practical experience. Many degree programs at the college include hands-on training that allows students to apply the concepts they have learned in the classroom to real-world situations. The college strongly emphasizes experiential learning, internships, and job placements, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in their respective fields. This approach enhances students’ skills and knowledge and helps them prepare for the workforce.

For example, culinary arts students can work in a student-run restaurant while nursing students gain experience through clinical rotations at local hospitals.

Career-based counseling for the students

In addition to academic programs, Monroe College offers various support services to help students succeed. The college has a dedicated team of advisors who work with students to develop academic plans, choose courses, and identify opportunities for internships and job placements. Resources are also available to help students with everything from financial aid to career counseling. Monroe College is great for students seeking a practical, career-oriented education. The college provides students with the tools they need to succeed in their chosen fields with its diverse degree programs, hands-on training, and supportive environment. The college is an excellent choice for those seeking a career-focused education in New York City.

The facility of Extracurricular activities

In terms of athletics, Monroe College fields several varsity sports teams, including basketball, soccer, volleyball, and cross country. The college’s athletics programs are members of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and compete against other colleges and universities in the region. These sports activities help the students gain knowledge of leadership building.

Monroe College offers a quality education in a vibrant and diverse environment, with its practical approach to learning, extensive support services, and commitment to student success.

Monroe College Courses and Fees 2023

Application Fees                                                                                                                                     Total Cost


Graduate Admissions Fee (Nonrefundable)                       $50


Acceptance Confirmation Fee (International Students)                      $100
Graduate Tuition (Full Time = 7 credits or above) Full-time Tuition

And Fees


Cost Per



First U.S. master’s degree (7 credits)* $6,352 $919


First U.S. master’s degree (9 credits) $9,146 $919


Second Master’s Degree – First Master’s Degree earned from Monroe College (7 credits)*




Second Master’s Degree – First Master’s Degree earned from

Monroe College (9 credits)


$5,635 $540


Second Master’s Degree – First Master’s Degree earned

from another U.S.-based institution (7 credits)*




Second Master’s Degree – First Master’s Degree earned from another U.S.-based institution (9 credits)




Foundation Classes, CPT, Professional Development Seminar (1 credit each) $400/class


Advanced Certificate in Data Science

(Full Time = 6 credits)


Full-time Tuition

and Fees


Cost Per Credit


Monroe Graduate (6 credits)


$4,028 $563
Non-Monroe Graduate (6 credits)


$4,310 $610
English Language Learning Cost Per



Graduate English Fundamentals (3-credit equivalent)


Administrative Fees Cost Per



Administrative Fee for 1.5-7 credits


Administrative Fee for more than seven credits $725


CPA Becker Review for MS Accounting Program


Administrative Fee for Second Master’s degree (1.5-7 credits)


Administrative Fee for Second Master’s degree (more than seven credits)


Administrative Fee for Advanced Certificate in Data Science


Instructional Resource Fee (more than seven credits)


Instructional Resource Fee (1.5-7 credits)



Total Cost

International No Start Fee


Exam Fees


Total Cost
Prior Learning Portfolio Assessment Fee


Proficiency Credit Fee (Per Course)


Housing Application Fees Total Cost


Housing Application Fee (Nonrefundable) $150


*Includes one credit foundation class, CPT, professional development


Requirements for the Application Process

Please provide us with your company registration certificate, bank information, and the contact details of the person signing the contract with Monroe College. I have copied Ms. Mucci; she will assist you with the contract agreement upon receiving the requested details.

Students are required to complete and submit their online application  and provide us with the reference number.  Below is an example of how the application portal looks:

The tick marks indicate that the documents were uploaded, and X indicates the documents are pending. Once the documents are uploaded, we will schedule the admissions interview and email you and the agent accordingly.

Below are the admissions requirements:

  1. Online Application
  2. Admissions Fee: $35 for undergraduate and  $50 for graduate students. They  can make their payments by using this link
  3. Admissions Essay: Please write an original one-page essay stating why did you chose Monroe College? What are your goals and expectations of the program and what do you hope to gain from it? (Minimum of 500 words for Graduate and Minimum of 350 words for Undergraduate).
  4. Proof of English ProficiencyGraduate: TOEFL (80) IELTS (6.0) /ESL Certificate Undergraduate: TOEFL (70) IELTS (5.5) /ESL Certificate
  5. College transcripts/High School transcript: Unofficial transcripts may be scanned to my attention. Official Transcripts from any previous degree or diploma programs should be mailed directly to Monroe College’s Office of International Admissions.
  6. Bachelor’s Degree Completion Certificate/ diploma- /High School Diploma/Certificate
  7. Two letters of recommendation: Recommendation letters are preferred from your Employer, Principal, Guidance Counselor, or any lecturer from the high school or college you have attended.
  8. Current Resume– Highlights professional experience, educational background, and Corporate Social responsibilities (extracurricular activities).
  9. Immigration document: Copy of passport back and front page. If you are transferring from a US institution, you must provide a visa copy, arrival stamp, I20s, and OPT card.

Once all documents are uploaded to the application portal the admissions team will review and schedule interview with Dr. Ephrem. Details for the interview will be sent directly to the students. If they are accepted, they can download the acceptance letter directly from the application portal. Processing time is normally 3-5 business days.

Undergraduate students do not require an interview.  Asha will review their documents, and if they meet the requirements, she will issue the acceptance letter.

I20 documents (Accepted Students)

  1. Confirm your acceptance: by signing in to Online Application Portal (OAP).and uploading your acceptance confirmation form, and returning it with the required $100 non-refundable confirmation fee.
  2. Financial affidavit of support: Your financial sponsor(s) must complete a financial affidavit. Please find it in the link here financial affidavit of support.
  1. Current bank balance certificate: The amount required to issue the I-20 for graduates is USD $27,204.00 and for undergraduates, $ 32,422.00 or higher as available in the bank balance certificate.

Please also note that all the documents should not be older than three months. 

Financial contributions must equal or exceed your estimated annual living and educational expenses.

Funding sources must be liquid funds:  No retirement or investment accounts

The promotional materials are located on our website for our Undergraduate and Graduates programs.

See the links below:

Undergraduate Programs and Graduate Programs:

Tuition:  Graduate Tuition, Undergraduate Tuition

Estimated Expenses (tuition fee) 2023-2024:


Students are required to do the following before they leave their home country to travel to US:

  1. Travel with official transcripts, mark sheets and degree diploma.
  2. Have doctor complete the immunization records. They can access the form by clicking on the link or access your application portal to download.  It is mandatory to take 2 MMR shots.
  3. Have their doctor complete meningitis form by clicking on this link or they can download the form directly from your application portal.
  4. Pay tuition fees: they can make your tuition payment by clicking on this link  or by contacting the Bursars office at 914-740-6861. They can also make your payment by wire transfer .

Should you have any queries, please let me know.

Best regards,


Assistant Director South East Asia Admissions

Monroe College

145 Huguenot Street

New Rochelle, NY 10801

Direct Line: 914-740-6699, Ext.6895

Fax: 914-813-1284


Bronx | New Rochelle | Queens | St. Lucia | Online

Follow us on:  Facebook | Twitter YouTube| LinkedIn

The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.

John F. Kennedy


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      kindly let me know.

      1. You should have sent to this Address: 5B & 5C (Lot No.9 & 10), Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra 54100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
        However, hopefully, your problem will be solved. Contact the following number via WhatsApp: +60176852551

    14. Sir,

      Today i went to Pejabat Pos Sungai Wang Plaza, Bukit Bintang to receive my passport. When they check the envelope, they found wrong passport. There was my name & address on the envelope bt the passport was someone else’s. What should i do now?

      My previous passport number is: BT0369063
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    15. Aug 18, 2021.
      Date of birth, 15.04.1995
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      Frankie Tay

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      Terima kasih

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      Name – Monir Hossain
      Passport – BW0502550

    29. I’ve already mailed my documents 28/09/2022 and documents has been delivered to the high commission on 29/09/2022. But still I haven’t received my delivery slip. Name : Azizul Matubber. PP: BX0427324. Thank you


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    32. I have submitted my passport reissue as a student document and has reached the embassy on 14 January 2023. How will I know what my status is ? Is it being processed or not? When will I get my delivery slip. It says passport not found. Can you please reply

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