Global Assistant Is The Best Education Consultant in Malaysia and Bangladesh. Also, It Is The Most Reliable Education Agency in Asia. Why Is Global Assistant Different From Other Agencies? Why is Global Assistant the Best Student Consultancy Firm in Bangladesh?

Education Consultant in Malaysia and Bangladesh

Why Choose Global Assistant

Firstly, Global Assistant Consultancy Firm is extremely committed to ensuring proper service to our respectful applicants or clients. Additionally, we always believe in maintaining effective communication with our potential and building rapport with existing clients. Global Assistant never disseminates fabricated information regarding studying abroad. We never breach our commitment, agreement, rules, and regulations. Global Assistant Shares Authentic Information Regarding Studying Abroad, including Admission, Scholarships, Visa Processing, etc. We have formed our team with some young, energetic employees who have completed their graduation from overseas universities and experts in the study abroad arena.

In Addition, Global Assistant Consultancy Firm has managed to become the authorized representative in many universities all over the world. We impart information to our students to assist them in deciding where they should apply for study. Global Assistant determines to get student admission to their expected universities or colleges, yet we do not choose institutes for them. All of our counselors are very much aware of selecting the perfect institutes for students based on their academic achievement and aims in life. After all, we like to form and maintain long-term relationships with our clients.

Furthermore, the success rate of the Global Assistant Consultancy Firm is praiseworthy and undeniable, although it is a very young but energetic study-abroad agency in Bangladesh. Global Assistant Consultancy Firm is undoubtedly the best option for Bangladeshi students who want to study abroad with a public and private university scholarship. We have developed an experienced human resource team that will help you achieve your goal.

According to, we have placed the first position in Bangladesh’s best study abroad agency.

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Best Study Abroad Consultant in Bangladesh

Why Global Assistant- Best Education Consultancy Firm in Bangladesh

The additional qualities that make Global Assistant Consultancy Firm unique, trustworthy, and more efficient to choose are :

  • No file opening charge.
  • No service charge for counseling.
  • Never quit the relationship, even after admission.
  • Try to provide a Scholarship.
  • Maintain effective communication.
  • Fast and flexible Procedure.
  • Free and friendly advice opportunities.
  • Collaborated with well-ranked universities.
  • Outstanding review from previous students.

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