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Nilai University Malaysia: Intake, Program List, Tuition Fees Structure Accommodation & Scholarship. Location & Address, Status, Established, Motto, Website, Authorized Student Admission Agent Office.

Nilai University Malaysia:

Nilai University has become one of the famous institutions in Malaysia for offering some special programs including Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Biotechnology, Nursing, B.B.A, Hotel Management, and so more. International students prefer to study here for a friendly and co-operative education system. It started in 1997, from the very beginning, this university has become a trusted educational institution to produce skilled students every year. Instructors pay more attention to co-curricular activities. Nilai University ensures the quality of education in the foundation, diploma, bachelor’s degree, and postgraduate degree program. They believe more in practical learning than bookish knowledge. Every year thousands of international students come here to study.

Location & Address: No 1, Persiaran Universiti, Putra Nilai, 71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.

Status:  Private University.

Established: 1997

Motto: Enrichment for Life, reflects our commitment towards producing well-rounded graduates who are academically proficient and socially confident.

Specialty: Nilai University Malaysia is one of the best Universities to offer a Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Program. Nilai University offers scholarships up to 50 percent based on the previous academic results. It offers two exceptional programs with scholarship opportunities such as Diploma in Nursing and Aerospace Engineering.


How To Apply for Nilai University:

Students can apply directly by University website or Authorized Agent

Authorized Student Admission Agent Office:

Global Assistant Consulting Firm



WhatsApp, IMO, WeChat: +60176852551.

Global Assistant is the authorized student admission agent at Nilai University. They provide authentic information regarding Nilai University and assist potential international students to get admission with scholarship.

Authorized Student Admission Agent Office:

Nilai University Malaysia Ranking: World Rank-  6,000+, Asian Rank-2,000+,   Malaysian Rank- 44.


Nilai University Programs List & Tuition Fee Structure 2021 (Undergraduate Programs)

Programs Duration of Study (Year)No. CreditsPer Credit (RM)Tuition Fees (RM)Total Fees (RM)
Foundation in Business15030015,00015,000
Foundation in Science15030015,00015,000

(IEP prepares students for the TOEFL (or equivalent) examination. The fees above do not include the fees to be paid to the external examining body. Students are required to pay the examination fee directly to the external body).


B.A (Hons) in Accounting and Finance312645056,70056,700
B.B.A. (Hons)312045054,00054,000
B.B.A. (Hons) Finance312045054,00054,000
B.B.A. (Hons) Human Resource Management312045054,00054,000
B.B.A. (Hons) International Business312045054,00054,000
B.B.A. (Hons) Management312045054,00054,000
B.B.A. (Hons) Marketing312045054,00054,000
Diploma in Accounting9032028,80028,800
Diploma in Business Administration9032028,80028,800
B.A (Hons) in Business and Hospitality Management312047056,40056,400
Diploma in Culinary Arts9042037,80037,800
Diploma in Hotel Management9042037,80037,800
Intensive English Program (IEP) – 3 levels4 months/level3,2003,200 / Level


Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Hons)4122*52063,44063,440
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons)413752071,24071,240
Advanced Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering14168027,88027,880
Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering9341038,13048,530**
Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering9037533,75033,750
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering9037533,75033,750
Diploma in Mechatronic Engineering9037533,75033,750
Bachelor of Computer Sc. (Hons) Software Engineering312045054,00054,000
Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons)312045054,00054,000
Bachelor of IT (Hons) Internet Engineering and Cloud Computing312045054,00054,000
Diploma in Business Information Technology9035031,50031,500
Diploma in Computer Science9035031,50031,500
Bachelor of Science (Hons) Biotechnology312047557,00057,000
Diploma in Biotechnology9038034,20034,200
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Nursing413653572,76072,760
Diploma in Nursing310543545,67545,675

Nilai University Programs List & Tuition Fee Structure 2021 (Postgraduate Programs)

Nilai University Malaysia: Intake, Program List, Tuition Fees & Scholarship

Scholarship in Nilai University

Nilai University provides up to 100% scholarship for both national and international students. This scholarship is offered mostly based on previous academic results. Contact with University authority or Authorized Agent to get more information.

Educational Facilities

There are some Marvelous educational facilities at Nilai University. Which distinguishes it from other universities. These facilities help the student to educate properly, eventually make them confident and shine in life.

Additional facilities

Accommodation: Nilai University provides a hostel for both national and international students with 100% security measures. Students reside here comfortably because all facilities are available required for living.

Classrooms: Fully Air-conditioned classrooms with all available utilities. Like, Projector, multimedia stations, board, and so more.

Science Laboratory: Science laboratories are available for practical scientific experiments. Here, students can try on their experiments under the instructor’s supervision.

Common Study Room: Students can gather here to solve study problems as well as impart knowledge with each other.

Computer Laboratory: A computer laboratory is available for students who want to study here. Students can use these computers to complete their assignments and presentations. Instructors are ready to help students to manage all the technical and maintenance issues.

Engineering Laboratory: This laboratory is available and ready for the engineering program’s students.

Library: A nice and well-decorated library is located at Nilai University, where all the necessary books are available. Both the teachers and students can use this library, also they can borrow books for a certain time.

International and national students are highly invited to ask questions through the comment box below. The global Assistant team will try to answer your question within 24 hours. Students may ask questions regarding scholarships at Nilai University.

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