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Global Assistant’s Business Plan

The Global Assistant Consultancy Firm started its journey in 2019 with small capital and resources. It started with a charming slogan, “seeking a Chance to Make Your Dream Comes True” and Moto “Authentic Information Provider”. The mission and vision of our Consultancy Firm are very attractive that helped this agency to earn popularity.

Now is 2020, It is safe to say that the Global Assistant has become one of the most popular student consultancies agency in Bangladesh. Firstly, the Global Assistant Consultancy Firm has enough human resources to operate the Consultancy Firm smoothly. For example, more than 20 employees are working for serving clients.

In addition, TMT acquired client’s satisfaction with enormous material and intangible resources. Above all else, TMT applied some common growth strategies in business include product expansion, market penetration, market expansion, and diversification.


Agency in Bangladesh For Study Abroad Global Assistant's Business Plan

Figure 1: The Five Years Business Plan for the Global Assistant

Five Years Business Plan for the Global Assistant Agency 

The Global Assistant Consultancy Firm hereby has planned to achieve five goals following the next five years such as advertising in 2021, setting up another office in 2022, making more collaboration in 2023, associating with social work in 2024, and organizing international events in 2025.

Advertising in 2021

The Global Assistant has declared 2021 as the year of online marketing. Our Consultancy Firm has taken all kinds of initiatives to achieve a common goal. Before, we had emphasized on both offline and online marketing. As our Consultancy Firm declared 2021 as the year of online marketing, therefore, we are focusing on online marketing now. Our Consultancy Firm, the Global Assistant has made an ideal plan and already implemented it. Now we are waiting to see the result of the campaign. We had chosen social media for online marketing to attract audiences. Social media especially Facebook has become one of the most famous media among youth. Hence, we used Facebook to target audiences as well as for our publicity. Finally, we have achieved our gratification through cumulative endeavors.

Setting up more offices in 2022

According to the five years plan of the Global Assistant Consultancy Firm, we are going to build a new office by 2020. Although we have established our overseas offices in Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan, we are planning to open more offices.  It is important to broaden our service network because we are going to make some collaboration with new institutes by 2022.

More collaboration in 2023

As it has mentioned that we are going to make a bilateral agreement with many institutes by 2023. It is estimated that our Consultancy Firm will make more than 20 collaborations with different universities all over the world.

Associating with social work in 2024

Every year our Consultancy Firm higher level authority sits together for further discussion about the Consultancy Firm mission and vision. Our Consultancy Firm is very liberal to maintain the rules and laws of the county. We never intend to breach any rules and regulations. For helping the unprivileged people, our Consultancy Firm is coming up with helping hands to conscious mass people about health. We are expecting to organize a social campaign to arouse hatred to spread plastic bottles everywhere. We believe doing little things can make a big difference. It is estimated that more than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year. This campaign can reduce a million of plastics dumped in the ocean and save the world.

Organizing international events in 2025

According to our five years business plan, we set our international goal to organize worldwide events. In 2025, the Global Assistant is planning to organize an international study fair. The Global Assistant possesses all kinds of resources to manage an international event. Based on our employee’s confidence and resources, the Global Assistant firmly believes that it will achieve a common goal.

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