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Vibe Education

Vibe education is the Government accredited learning centre in Dubai, creating unique learning opportunities for students in the areas like Technology, Quality control, Accounting, Management certifications, and Language certifications. It’s an approved learning centre that inspires students to learn and improve their lives. The programs are designed to build a professional career for students in the future. The centre offers over 50 corporate training courses to build a bright career.

The centre’s experts guide the students to learn and grow to build excellent careers. Anyone can enrol in the programs, including professionals and students. Students are guided to upgrade their skills to achieve their dream. The programs are designed to provide top-class training for the market of the industries like Hospitality, Retail, and Construction.

The centre ensures teaching from industry experts who are certified. It provides full support to lead the students toward the success of their academic goals. Experts from some of the best parts of the world are the trainers who build the students to contribute to their success of the students. This learning centre offers language courses, Management courses, Multimedia Courses, and Accounting courses.

Why should you get admitted to Vibe Education? 

  • Vibe education provides learning resources for students. The centre has a website for the subjects like Psychology, Business Management, and Economics. Providing the learning resources is to assist the students on the road to success.
  • The teachers develop the learning resources and advise the students. They provide full support to the students.
  • The training programs are conducted by highly expert industry-leading trainers. The corporate training programs are of a high standard, and during the training program, the experts focus on building proficiency and skills.
  • The learning centre offers Management programs including Project Management, Sales and Marketing Management, Supply management, and Retail Management to make students communicate with the world. The expert and qualified trainers train the students to make them fit for the corporate world.
  • The learning centre offers a Business English course designed to build a successful career in the International market, including SAT, GED, and CMA courses. This course covers the knowledge of written and oral communications like emails, letters, and presentations.

Vibe Education in Dubai For Student and Residence Visa


The learning centre works with a vision to make students learn and grow.


The learning centre’s mission is to provide full support and guidance for the students to upgrade their careers.

Student support:

Students get full support from the learning centre. They get the best learning resources that the best teachers develop. They get full assistance for the external assessment.


Saheel Tower 2, Office No 1601

Near Al Mulla Plaza/Stadium Metro,

AI Nahda-1, (E11-AI Ittihad Rd- Dubai- United Arab Emirates.


  • January
  • April
  • July
  • October

Visa Fee includes

  • Medical
  • Insurance
  • Emirates ID card
  • Visa Fees

Class Structure

  • Orientation: A brief introduction to VIBE Education and the lifestyle in Dubai
  • Regular Classes: Classes begin and interview training strategies are underway
  • Training School: Students begin working as trainees on the job
  • Graduation: Upon successful completion of the particular course and job training, the student will be awarded the certificate

Eligibility Criteria

  • Grade 10th/12th pass can apply
  • Unlimited Gap acceptable (no age limit)
  • No requirement for IELTS
  • Any country refusals can apply
  • No requirement for Bank statements

Documents Required



Students living at VIBE EDUCATION’s hostels will be primarily focused on their accommodation while they are studying here. VIBE EDUCATION has partnered with several student housing providers. The monthly accommodation expenses are typically between AED 600 and AED 2500. We will introduce and provide the students with various accommodation options before they reach the UAE so that everything is set up before they arrive. 

Admission procedures
The following are the steps / Journey of the student who will be associated with VIBE EDUCATION

APPLICATION: Complete the online application form and attach all the required documents.

INTERVIEW: We will interview the student to determine whether he or she is eligible

OFFER LETTER: After passing the interview, the student will receive an offer letter within 48 hours.

FEE PAYMENT: Once the student receives the offer letter, he or she must pay the visa fee (1000 USD) and the application fee (100 USD).

VISA: VISA application from VIBE (students need to fill out the VISA application). It can take 45 days for the process to be completed. Students should pay their one-year fees in order to receive their original VISA (Students are not allowed to book tickets without the original VISA, and they should inform VIBE before booking tickets) VIBE will send a copy of the student’s VISA as proof that they have been accepted by the UAE government. Students should pay their one-year fees in order to receive their original VISA.

ARRIVAL: We provide free airport pickup.

Pathway opportunity to partnered universities

  • Bachelors (Level 6) in the UK
  • Bachelors (Level 6) in UAE
  • Bachelors (Level 6) in Canada
  • Bachelors (Level 6) in Australia
  • Bachelors (Level 6) in Europe

Job Opportunities

  • Part-time
  • Paid Internship
  • Full-time (After completion of Course)

How To Get Admission in Vibe Education in Dubai

Authorized Student Admission Agent Office

Global Assistant Education Consultant


WhatsApp, IMO, LINE, WeChat: +60182632721

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Vibe Education in Dubai. Dubai Visa Agent in Bangladesh

Vibe Education Course Fees

UK Qualifications (Regular) Program Fees

Course Title Tuition Fee (USD) Visa Fee (USD) Total (USD)
Business Management $4100 $1100 (Student Visa)

$1650 (Residence Visa)



Tourism & Hospitality Management $4100 $1100 (Student Visa)

$1650 (Residence Visa)



Accounting & Business Management $4100 $1100 (Student Visa)

$1650 (Residence Visa)



Information Technology $4100 $1100 (Student Visa)

$1650 (Residence Visa)



 UK Qualifications (Fast Track) Program Fees

Course Title Tuition Fee (USD) Visa Fee (USD) Total (USD)
Business Management $5500 $1100 (Student Visa)

$1650 (Residence Visa)



Tourism & Hospitality Management $5500 $1100 (Student Visa)

$1650 (Residence Visa)



Accounting & Business Management $5500 $1100 (Student Visa)

$1650 (Residence Visa)



Information Technology $5500 $1100 (Student Visa)

$1650 (Residence Visa)



 Short Certifications Programs Fees

Course Title Tuition Fee (USD) Visa Fee (USD) Total (USD)
Business Management $1850 $1650 (Residence Visa) $3500
Logistics & Supply Chain $1850 $1650 (Residence Visa) $3500
Accounting & Business $1850 $1650 (Residence Visa) $3500
English Language $1850 $1650 (Residence Visa) $3500
Information Technology $1850 $1650 (Residence Visa) $3500
Digital Marketing $1850 $1650 (Residence Visa) $3500
Sales & Marketing $1850 $1650 (Residence Visa) $3500
Tourism & Hospitality Management $1850 $1650 (Residence Visa) $3500
Arabic Language $1850 $1650 (Residence Visa) $3500
Event Management $1850 $1650 (Residence Visa) $3500
Project Management $1850 $1650 (Residence Visa) $3500
Student VISA Student VISA is valid for only one year and the student has to work as an Intern, so the salary will be the minimum (AED 1000 – AED 1500)
Residence VISA Residence VISA is valid for two years and the student can work as a regular employer, so the salary will be higher (AED 2000 – AED 3500)

Why Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

In the world, there are only a few cities as sophisticated, futuristic, connected, and cosmopolitan as Dubai.

  • Dubai is a thriving tourist destination offering a variety of shopping, dining, socializing, and entertainment options. Whatever your interests, there will be something for everyone here: hiking, biking, swimming, desert safaris, jet skiing, skydiving, or theme parks.
  • Dubai and the UAE are ranked as the world’s second and third most secure countries, respectively. Since Dubai police maintain maximum safety, there is almost no crime in Dubai.
  • In addition to being a global business hub, Dubai holds numerous international business events.
  • Dubai offers a variety of opportunities for students, including internships, part-time jobs, and full-time careers in a variety of fields.
  • Having the opportunity to gain internationally recognized qualifications is an advantage that Dubai provides students from around the world.
  • Dubai connects the east and west with integrated transportation. Taking public buses, water buses, trams, or the metro is one of the easiest ways to get around the city. There are plenty of taxis available at reasonable prices as well.

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Apply online by filling out our Application Form.
Apply online by filling out our VISA Application Form.

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