What should editors and newsrooms do to improve public trust in news media

What should the editors and the newsrooms do to improve public trust in news media?

What Should Editors & Newsrooms Do

Question 1:  What should the editors and the newsrooms do to improve public trust in news media?

According to Heyamoto (2018), the editors and newsroom must have to play an important role to earn and improve public trust in news media. He also states that newsrooms and editors should follow some conditions to improve public trusts such as authenticity, transparency, consistency, positivity, and diversity.  Now, most people are using social media widely, so it is a great responsibility to improve public trust. The general public will be dependable more on social media if they cannot earn public trust (Laws, 2015). These conditions that have been proposed by the “Heyamoto” must help the media to earn public trust. There are different types of journalism; for example, print, broadcast, and digital journalism.

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Question 2: If you should write one ethical rule to be implemented in the Code of Media Ethics, what would it be like?

According to Blanchard (1977), journalists and broadcasters have to become more responsible for journalism. The Hutchins Commission proposes five guidelines specifically for the media and press. These guidelines are present meaningful news, accurate and separated from opinion, serve as a forum for the exchange of comment and criticism and to expand access to diverse points of view, project “a representative picture of the constituent groups in society, clarify the goals and values of society; implicit was an appeal to avoid pandering to the lowest common denominator, give a broad coverage of what was known about society (Blanchard, 1998).

He also says that these guidelines are significant because the media need to maintain a neutral viewpoint, providing the basic facts and allowing for readers to come up with their own opinions from the news that they report.


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