ASTI Academy Dubai Courses, Fees 2022, Ranking, Career

ASTI Academy Dubai Courses, Fees 2022, Ranking, Career. ASTI Training Institute. Automobile courses in UAE. ASTI Academy Ranking.

ASTI Academy in Dubai

International Student Scholarship: ASTI Academy offers up to 60% scholarships to international students based on academic achievement and grants scholarships to students affected by this pandemic.

Study and complete a Quality UK Degree in the Heart of Dubai: All our programs have the same validation and monitoring system as those offered parallel to the Universities. Students can progress with a pathway and complete their Final Year with the reputed UK University located in Dubai with which ASTI is partnered.

A Student Experience with a Difference: Step out of your lectures and discover a student experience with a difference. Students can get involved in a wide range of activities involving both national & International competitions, Field trips to various industries to get practical exposure.

Experience a Truly Global College: ASTI College has graduated more than 478,000 students from more than 100 nationalities. Our students are able to work in a multicultural environment and benefit from the insights and viewpoints of an internationally diverse range of students and faculty, which is an invaluable asset for any graduate.

Innovative Teaching & Practical Learning

ASTI College has developed a strong research culture. Many of our academic faculty have been recognized internationally as leaders in their fields, have been appointed to editorial boards, and executive boards of international organizations, and received prestigious research awards. Our students are able to benefit from opportunities to attend and participate in high-profile research conferences, events and panels organized both on and off-campus and gain valuable industry contacts through the University’s connections.

Simple Student Visa Process:  ASTI Academy provides Student Visas for all non-national students studying in any of our programs, and our dedicated team ensures this process is carried out as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Financial Support Through Scholarships & Grants: We understand the importance of rewarding students for their current and ongoing achievements, and our Scholarships & Grants offer financial rewards to new students and range from Academic Excellence Scholarships to Sporting Excellence Scholarships and Corporate Study Grants.

Earn Whilst You Learn:  Students studying one of our undergraduate programs are able to hold part-time jobs in any of the over 4,500 businesses located in its free zones. Some of the classes are held in the evening, Sunday – Thursday between 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm – enabling students to balance their career and their studies.

Build Your Network: What really sets Dubai apart is its ability to attract the world’s top companies, providing plenty of opportunities for graduates to fast-track their careers in a multitude of professional roles. We have extensive connections with local and international organizations, allowing students to gain insight from and network with professionals at the top of their game. Many of our programs are also accredited and recognized by leading professional bodies, meaning our graduates may also gain exemptions from examinations or specific units of professional qualifications.  

Be an Intern or Apprentice in Dubai

ASTI offers guidance to all its students to apprentice themselves or guide them towards their Internship, whereas each individual becomes industry-ready. ASTI Academy believes in applied knowledge in the form of skills gained to become a successful and ready graduate.

Why Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

Dubai is one of the most sophisticated, futuristic, connected, and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Its residents from more than 180 countries and 105 different nationalities are studying with us at our Dubai campus.

Global tourism and entertainment hub: Dubai is a booming tourist destination with an array of options for shopping, eating, socializing, and entertainment. There will be something for you, whether you prefer hiking, biking, swimming, desert safaris, jet skiing, skydiving, or theme parks.

A safe city: Dubai is one of the safest cities globally, and the UAE is ranked the world’s 2nd safest country. Dubai is virtually crime-free as the Dubai police ensure maximum safety.

Global business hub: Dubai is a center of trade and commerce for the Middle East and the wider world corporations and holds many global business events.

Employment: Dubai will soon host Expo 2020 with a large number of job openings. As a student in Dubai, opportunities exist for internships, part-time work, and full-time careers in a variety of professions.

Global Knowledge Hub

Dubai is an international knowledge hub giving students from around the world the opportunity to gain internationally recognized qualifications. ASTI Academy, located in the heart of Dubai, Al Qusais, has educated more than 520,000 graduates in a span of 26 years.

Integrated transportation: Dubai is a world transport hub connecting the east and west. It is easy to get around using integrated public buses, water buses, trams, and metro systems within the city. Taxis are also plentiful and of good value.


ASTI Academy Dubai Accreditations

Accreditation of the center or its qualifications plays a very vital role in the career growth of the students. ASTI is government accredited, which makes it easier for its students to progress and continue in any part of the world

Ministry of Education (MOE), United Arab Emirates

National Qualifications Authority (NQA): ASTI Academy is a Registered Training Provider (RTP) approved by the National Qualifications Authority (NQA). The establishment of the National Qualifications Authority (NQA) is a key initiative to cope with the dramatic changes UAE is witnessing at all levels, including changes within the economic and education, and training sectors.

Technical & Vocational Education & Training (TVET): ASTI Academy is a Technical and Vocational Education and Training approved center. By joining hands with TVET, ASTI Academy offers vocational programs and training with an aim to meet the standards of knowledge base and competencies required by the business world.

Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA): ASTI Academy is a Knowledge and Human Development Authority approved center, which makes the delivery of our qualifications most reliable and valued in the educational sector of UAE. KHDA is the regulatory authority of the Government of Dubai that supports the improvement of training institutes and other human resource sectors.  Qualifications provided by ASTI Academy are fully licensed and recognized by KHDA.

Qualifications & Awards in Dubai (QAD): ASTI Academy’s qualifications are also recognized by the Qualifications and Awards in Dubai (QAD)department, which makes qualifications recognized by the Government body.

Ofqual: ASTI Academy works with well-recognized awarding bodies to offer qualifications that are approved by Ofqual (UK), making sure that qualifications are regulated, Ofqual is a regulatory body reliably indicating the knowledge, skills, and understandings students have demonstrated.

Student Facilities

Hostel Facilities: ASTI has partnered with several student housing providers, which will mainly focus on the student’s accommodation while they stay here for their education. On average, the expenses for the accommodation are between AED 600 to AED 2500 monthly. The students will be introduced and given various options on their accommodation before they reach UAE so that everything is ready in hand before they arrive in UAE.


  • College Bus: ASTI provides transportation to students, and it is chargeable based on the destination of the student.
  • Metro: The closest metro station to ASTI is Al Qusais Metro Station, which is a 5 minutes walkable distance from ASTI. ASTI can also assist in providing Students with a Student card which makes their metro transportation expenses less than half of the normal fare (only for the students).
  • Bus: There are various public bus stops near ASTI through which the students can reach ASTI and also travel w.r.t their destinations.
  • Taxi: Taxis are available all around Dubai City. Students can also book Taxis from mobile applications, and it is readily available.  

Admission procedures

The following are the steps / Journey of the student who will be associated with ASTI:

  • Submission of ASTI application form, scholarship form, and documents
  • Interview of the prospective Student
  • Offer letter within 48 hours
  • Payment of USD 1400/- within 7 days of receiving the offer letter
  • Visa process maximum of 15 working days
  • Tuition fee payment immediately after Visa is processed
  • The arrival of the Student

ASTI intakes

  • January
  • May
  • September

Job opportunities

  • Part-time
  • Paid Internship
  • Full time (After completion of Course)

Pathway opportunity and partnered universities

  • Bachelors (Level 6) in the UK
  • Bachelors (Level 6) in UAE


Why Apply With Global Assistant 𝐎𝐮𝐫 𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐢𝐜𝐞𝐬

1. Career Counseling
2. Admission Guidance
4. Recommendation
5. Guidance
6. Travel Assistance
7. Airport Pickup
8. Interview Preparation

How To Get Admission at ASTI Academy in Dubai

Students can apply directly by University website or Authorized Agent

Authorized Student Admission Agent Office

Global Assistant Consulting Firm


WhatsApp, IMO, LINE, WeChat: +60176852551

Global Assistant is the authorized student admission agent representing ASTI. It provides authentic information regarding the university and assists potential international students to get admission with maximum scholarship.

ASTI Academy Dubai Fee Structure 2022

Course Title Original Fee (USD) Per Level Scholarship Fee (USD) Per Level or Year
Visa Fee (USD) per Year
Application Fee (USD)
Commission (USD) Per Year

Courses Offered by ASTI Academy, Visa fees, Course Fee

Course TitleOriginal Fee (AED) Per LevelScholarship Fee (AED) Per Level or YearVisa Fee (USD) per YearApplication Fee (USD)Security Caution Deposit
Engineering Level 337000 (10100 USD)18500 (5050 USD)12002005000 AED
Tourism & Hospitality Management Level 333000 (9000 USD)16500 (4500 USD)12002005000 AED
Business Management Level 333000 (9000 USD)16500 (4500 USD)12002005000 AED
Electrical & Electronics Engineering Level 4 & 5 (Regular)37000 (10100 USD)18500 (5050 USD)12002005000 AED
Mechanical Engineering Level 4 & 5 (Regular)37000 (10100 USD)18500 (5050 USD)12002005000 AED
Automobile Engineering Level 4 & 5 (Regular)37000 (10100 USD)18500 (5050 USD)12002005000 AED
Civil Engineering Level 4 & 5 (Regular)37000 (10100 USD)
18500 (5050 USD)
12002005000 AED
Quantity Surveying Engineering Level 4 & 5 (Regular)37000 (10100 USD)18500 (5050 USD)12002005000 AED
Architecture Engineering Level 4 & 5 (Regular)37000 (10100 USD)18500 (5050 USD)12002005000 AED
Information Technology Engineering Level 4 & 5 (Regular)35000 (9500 USD)17500 (4750 USD)12002005000 AED
Business Management Level 4 & 5 (Regular)33000 (9000 USD)16500 (4500 USD)12002005000 AED
Tourism & Hospitality Management Level 4 & 5 (Regular)33000 (9000 USD)16500 (4500 USD)12002005000 AED
Accounting & Business Level 4 & 5 (Regular)33000 (9000 USD)16500 (4500 USD)12002005000 AED
Electrical & Electronics Engineering Level 4 & 5 (Fast track)57000 (15500 USD)24500 (6700 USD)12002005000 AED
Mechanical Engineering Level 4 & 5 (Fast track)57000 (15500 USD)24500 (6700 USD)12002005000 AED
Automobile Engineering Level 4 & 5 (Fast track)57000 (15500 USD)24500 (6700 USD)12002005000 AED
Civil Engineering Level 4 & 5 (Fast track)57000 (15500 USD)24500 (6700 USD)12002005000 AED
Quantity Surveying Engineering Level 4 & 5 (Fast track)57000 (15500 USD)24500 (6700 USD)12002005000 AED
Architecture Engineering Level 4 & 5 (Fast track)57000 (15500 USD)24500 (6700 USD)12002005000 AED
Information Technology Engineering Level 4 & 5 (Fast track)57000 (15500 USD)22500 (6700 USD)12002005000 AED
Business Management Level 4 & 5 (Fast track)57000 (15500 USD)22500 (6150 USD)12002005000 AED
Tourism & Hospitality Management Levels 4 & 5 (Fast track)57000 (15500 USD)22500 (6150 USD)12002005000 AED
Accounting & Business Level 4 & 5 (Fast track)57000 (15500 USD)22500 (6150 USD)12002005000 AED

ASTI Academy Dubai Education

Visa Fee includes

  1. Medical
  2. Insurance
  3. Emirates ID card
  4. Visa Fees

Admission Eligibility

Eligibility Criteria

1- Grade10th pass can apply

2- Unlimited Gap acceptable (no age limit)

3- No requirement of IELTS

4- Any country refusals can apply

Documents Required

1- Passport

2- 10th/12th (If any)

3- Bachelor (If any)

4- Master (If any)

5- ID proof

6- Work Experience (If Any)

7- Updated CV

8- Passport size photograph (with white background)
9- ASTI Application-
10- ASTI Scholarship Form-

Why 𝐒𝐭𝐮𝐝𝐲 in ASTI Academy in 𝐃𝐮𝐛𝐚𝐢

•No IELTS Required
• No Bank Funds Required
•Low Tuition Fee
• Pay Tuition fee after Visa
•Income Statement, Property Valuation not Required
• Part-Time work Available
•Internship and Industrial Placement
• Tax-Free salaries
• Credit Transfer UK, Canada, Europe
•+2 Can Apply For UK degree Level 3, 4, 5
• Ministry of Education approved college (The only one in Dubai)
•Practical oriented engineering classes ( 70% practical, 30% Theory)
• UAE government equalized Certificates
•Eligibility to work for Government firms after graduation
• Free transportation facilities
• Free access to library facilities

Why study In Dubai?

Hospitality Capital of The world
2nd safest country in The world
World’s Highest Employment Rate at 99.5% Residents Employed in 2019.
World’s 3rd Richest Country (per capita Income)
Dubai Ranks Among the Top 10 International Cities in Attracting Foreign Investment.
6th Most visited the city on Earth
11th Most dynamic City in The world
Middle East Business Hub
One of The top 20 best Cities for Expats globally
The UAE was ranked in 22nd position as the best country to live $ study Abroad
Ranked among the world’s Top 25 cities on the back of its strong economy, accessibility
and cultural interaction
80% populations are Foreigners

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