C3S Business School in Spain

C3S Business School

C3S means Castelldefels School of Social Sciences and it is located in Barcelona Spain. The C3S Business school was established in 2014 and registered under the Spanish Ministry of Education. C3S business school is an innovative and diverse learning probate school that educates and builds future leaders. The university offers Foundation, Batchelor, and Master’s programs for international students. The university emphasizes the method of assignment-based study for the student’s academic programs. Students from 25 different countries enroll in the programs offered by the university.

C3S business school Spain is a ranked one university by The Manager magazine in the UK. Students from international backgrounds have an opportunity to study in an Entrepreneurial ecosystem and cosmopolitan culture flair in Barcelona. The university creates terrific opportunities for students to build careers professionally and gain professional skills.

C3S Business School Address

Carrer de Londres, 6, porta 9, 08029 Barcelona, Spain


The university’s mission is to make students achieve their dream education to produce world-class graduates.

Why C3S Business School is the best?

C3S Business School helps students with several great opportunities to study in a dynamic environment enjoying the benefits of intercultural diversity.

Student Support

The university has a student support team that assists and helps students from required resources to registering, housing, applying for insurance, opening a bank account, and every aspect as a new resident of Spain.

Wonderful Internship Opportunity

Barcelona is at the heart of the country where students have a chance to build their careers in media, research, education, and fashion. Students can grab excellent internship opportunities to work in a professional context.

Accommodation Service

The university has a complied list of accommodation and student housing organizations. University has collaborated with the housing service organizations so that students can get a reserved room based on the location.

UK degree in Spain

In this university, students have a chance to study according to the UK education system and achieve a UK quality degree within a third of the cost.

University Status

Private university.

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C3S Business School Fees 2022

Diploma Programs

Course nameDurationFeesModality
Diploma in Business Management12 months€6000On-campus/Online
Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management12 months€6000On-campus
Diploma in Computing12 months€6000On-campus

Bachelor Programs

Course nameDurationFeesModality
BA (Hons) in Business Management36 months€18000On-campus
BA (Hons) in Tourism & Hospitality Management36 months€18000On-campus
BSc (Hons) Business Computing & Information Systems36 months€18000On-campus
BA (Hons) Global Business36 months€18000On-campus
BA (Hons) International Business36 months€18000On-campus
BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management36 months€18000On-campus
BA (Hons) Business and Computer studies36 months€18000On-campus
BA (Hons) Professional studies36 months€18000On-campus
BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management36 months€18000On-campus
BSc (Hons) International Hospitality and Tourism Management36 months€18000On-campus
BA (Hons) Business Tourism36 months€18000On-campus
BSc (Hons) Travel business management36 months€18000On-campus

Master’s programs

Programs awarded by UK University

Course nameDurationFeesModality
Master of Business Administration (MBA)18 months€9950On-campus/Online
MA in Tourism & Hospitality Management18 months€8950On-campus
MSc in Health & Social Care Management18 months€8950On-campus

 Programs awarded by UCAM

Course nameDurationFeesModality
Master in Strategic Management & Leadership12 months€8700On-campus/Online
Master in Project Management12 months€8700On-campus/Online
Master in Logistics & Supply Chain Management12 months€8700On-campus/Online

Postgraduate Diploma Programs

Course nameDurationFeesModality
Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership12 months€6500On-campus/Online
Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management12 months€6500On-campus/Online
Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management12 months€6500On-campus
Diploma in Health & Social Care Management12 months€6500On-campus
Diploma in Project Management12 months€6500On-campus/Online

 Doctorate Programs

Course nameDurationFeesModality
Doctorate in Business administration24 months€12000Online


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