PhD in Malaysia For International Students

PhD in Malaysia

PhD in Malaysia is a great opportunity for international students who want to become a researcher. There are various reasons why pursuing a Ph.D. in Malaysia might be a desirable choice. Several universities in Malaysia provide top-notch education for international students and they achieved top ranked globally.

Malaysian universities are well-known and acknowledged throughout the world for their research contributions. Studying for a Ph.D. in Malaysia offers chances to work on cutting-edge projects, especially in the fields of business, education, communication, agriculture, engineering, technology, and environmental studies. Malaysia has a comparatively cheaper cost of living than many Western nations.

In Malaysia, the Ph.D. program fees can also be more reasonable, and international students get scholarships. Having a Ph.D. from a reputable Malaysian university can improve a student’s knowledge, skills, and ability to become a scientist. Researching in Malaysia allows networking with experts and scholars in related areas. Future partnerships and professional prospects may benefit from this networking.

PhD in Malaysia
PhD in Malaysia

Career Opportunity for a Ph.D.

Some general career paths that Ph.D. graduates can pursue:

  • Many Ph.D. holders decide to pursue careers in academia as researchers or lecturers at universities. Along this path, you will teach, do research, and make contributions to the academic community.
  • You can work in government agencies, commercial enterprises, or research organizations as a researcher if you have a Ph.D. Working on projects about your area of expertise may be part of this.
  • There are opportunities to engage with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), especially if you are interested in international development or your study relates to global challenges.
  • Those who want to gain more experience in research before taking a full-time academic or research job often conduct postdoctoral research.
  • During Ph.D., developing a strong professional network can lead to joint projects, speaking engagements, and other opportunities.


Requirements For Ph.D. in Malaysia

  • Applicants to Ph.D. programs in Malaysia must hold a master’s degree in a suitable field. Although it is less typical, some universities may admit students with strong bachelor’s degrees straight into Ph.D. programs.
  • Provide certified copies of academic transcripts, which should include information about the courses taken and undergraduate and graduate grades.
  • provide a clear research proposal that addresses the planned study’s topic, goals, questions, methods, and importance. To evaluate the viability and value of your research proposal, this is an essential step in the application process.
  • Provide recommendation letters from professional or academic references that can attest to your capacity for conducting doctoral-level research. Your research potential and academic accomplishments should be highlighted in these letters.


  • Standardized tests like the TOEFL or IELTS may be required if English is not your first language. There are probably English proficiency exams offered by certain universities.
  • Send a curriculum vitae (CV), or resume, outlining your publications, research experience, publications, and any noteworthy accomplishments, along with your academic and professional history.
  • Mention any previous publications or research experience you may have in your application.

Students can apply directly on the University website or by Authorized Agent.

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Cheapest Universities for PhD in Malaysia with Tuition Fees

Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI)

Discipline Duration     Total Fees (RM)
Education (Physics) 2.5 years 49590
Education (Chemistry) 2.5 years 49590
Education (Biology) 2.5 years 49590
Mathematics 2.5 years 29190
Statistics 2.5 years 29190
Applied Mathematics 2.5 years 29190
Education (Mathematics) 2.5 years 29190
Applied Statistics 2.5 years 29190
Biology 2.5 years 29190
Chemistry 2.5 years 29190
Physics 2.5 years 29190
Environmental Biotechnology 2.5 years 29190

PhD at University Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) In Malaysia

Discipline Duration     Total Fees (RM)
Doctor of Philosophy:

  • Management
  • Finance
  • Commerce
  • Accounting
  • Retailing
  • Islamic banking and finance
  • Logistics management and operation marketing
  • Human resource management
3 years 19870
Doctor of Business Administration 3 years 63750
Doctor of Philosophy (Health entrepreneurship, hospitality, tourism) 3 years 19870
Doctor of Philosophy (Animal Husbandry, Aquaculture, Food Security, Agribusiness, Agronomy, Pest Management, Plant Mycology, Plant Pathology, Horticulture, Plant Breeding, Weed Science, Soil Science, Plant Biotechnology, Animal Reproduction, Poultry Science, Animal Reproduction and Breeding, Animal Nutrition, Dairy Science and Technology, Industrial Biotechnology, Fodder Crops Science, Molecular Biotechnology. 3 years 21370
Doctor of Philosophy (Natural resources management/ sustainable science Geoscience) 3 years 31370
Doctor of Philosophy (Heritage studies, textile and fashion, product design, multimedia, visual communication) 3 years 19870
Doctor of Philosophy:
  • Heritage Studies
  • Textile and Fashion Product design
  • Multimedia Visual Communication
3 years 19870
Doctor of Philosophy (Pathology, Nutrition, Anatomy, Microbiology, Parasitology, Physiology, Public Health, Surgery, Avian Medicine, Small Animal, Toxicology, Forensic Veterinary, Oncology, Immunology) 3 years 24370
Doctor of Philosophy (Bioengineering Technology, Material Technology, Forest Resource Technology, Energy Technology) 3 years 31370
Doctor of Philosophy (Architectural history and theory) 3 years 19870
Doctor of Philosophy (History and Civilization/ Development and Values/ Religion and Contemporary/ Philosophy and Social Development/ Language and Education Studies/ Communication/ Islamic Studies) 3 years 19870
Doctor of Philosophy (Data Science) 3 years 21370

 Fees For PhD at Multimedia University (MMU) in Malaysia

Discipline Duration            Total Fees (RM)
Artificial Intelligence 2-5 years 18900
Bioinformatics & Medical Information Technology 2-5 years 18900
Blockchain/IoT 2-5 years 18900
Cryptography 2-5 years 18900
Computer Vision 2-5 years 18900
Data Communication and Networking 2-5 years 18900
Data Science/Data Analytics 2-5 years 18900
Human-Computer Interaction/ Interaction Design 2-5 years 18900
Image & Video Processing 2-5 years 18900
Information Systems Engineering 2-5 years 18900
Natural Language Processing 2-5 years 18900
Security Technology 2-5 years 18900
Speech & Signal Processing 2-5 years 18900
Software Engineering and Architecture Multimedia Systems 2-5 years 18900
5G Mobile Network & Use Cases 2-5 years 16800
Advanced Material & Devices 2-5 years 16800
Electrical Power Systems & Green Energy 2-5 years 16800
Intelligent System & Machine Learning 2-5 years 16800
Nanomaterials   & Nanofabrication 2-5 years 16800
Optical Engineering & Photonics 2-5 years 16800
Robotics & Automation 2-5 years 16800
VLSI & System-on-Chip (SoC) 2-5 years 16800
Remote Sensing and Surveillance Technology 2-5 years 16800
e-Health Technology 2-5 years 16800
Robotics and Automation Technology 2-5 years 16800
Advanced Mechanical and Green Technology 2-5 years 16800
Communication and Sustainable IoT Technology 2-5 years 16800
Manufacturing and Environment Sustainability Technology 2-5 years 16800
Engineering Computational Intelligence 2-5 years 16800
Solid-state Electronics 2-5 years 16800
Accounting 2-5 years 15300
Auditing 2-5 years 15300
Banking & Finance 2-5 years 15300
Cyberpreneurship 2-5 years 15300
Economics 2-5 years 15300
Entrepreneurship 2-5 years 15300
E-Commerce 2-5 years 15300
Human Resource Management 2-5 years 15300
International Business 2-5 years 15300
Knowledge Management 2-5 years 15300
Management 2-5 years 15300
Marketing 2-5 years 15300
Social Innovation 2-5 years 15300
Technology and Innovation Management 2-5 years 15300
Doctor of Business Administration 2-5 years 52200

PhD at Taylor’s University in Malaysia

Discipline Duration           Total Fees (RM)
Education 3 years 47987
Architecture 3 years 47987
Business 3 years 47987
Computer Science 3 years 47987
Design Management 3 years 47987
Food Studies 3 years 47987
Hospitality & Tourism 3 years 47987
Law 3 years 47987
Media and communication studies 3 years 47987
Medical Science 3 years 47987
Pharmaceutical Science 3 years 47987
Social Science 3 years 47987

Fees For PhD at Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) in Malaysia

Discipline Duration Total Fees (RM)
Computing 3-5 years 45000
Finance 3-5 years 45000
Management 3-5 years 45000
Engineering 3-5 years 45000
Technology 3-5 years 45000

 PhD at Management & Science University Malaysia (MSU)

Discipline Duration              Total Fees (USD)
Computer Science 3-5 years 12884
Information & Communication Technology 3-5 years 12884
Engineering 3-5 years 28744
Food Service Technology 3-5 years 14,264
Biomedicine 3-5 years 14,264
Applied Science 3-5 years 24234
Health Science 3-5 years 22744

 PhD at Segi University in Malaysia

Discipline Duration Total Fees (RM)
Information Technology 3 years 59650
Education 3 years 77550
Management 3 years 69750
Engineering 3 years 77550

Ph.D. at City University In Malaysia

Discipline Duration Total Fees (RM)
Business Administration (PhD) 3 years 88600
Business Administration (DBA) 3 years 88600
Design 3 years 88600
Education 3 years 88600
Information Technology 3 years 88600

 Ph.D. at Mahsa University Fees

Discipline Duration Total Fees (RM)
Pharmacy 3 years 57600

 PhD Fees at INTI International University

Discipline Duration Total Fees (RM)
Applied Physics, Management, Information System, Innovation & Technology
3/4 years 49500

Studying at the University of Cyberjaya in Malaysia

Discipline Duration Total Fees (RM)
Pharmacy 2.5 years 52500
Science 3 years 37500
Medical Science 3 years 35000

Study Ph.D. at Putra Business School in Malaysia

Discipline Duration Total Fees (RM)
Business Administration (PhD) 3-5years 78256

PhD at Limkokwing University in Malaysia

Discipline Duration Total Fees (RM)
Management 3 years 30000
Information System 3 years 40000

 PhD at AIMST University in Malaysia

Discipline Duration Total Fees (RM)
Biotechnology 3 years 37250
Pharmacy 3 years 42350
Medical Microbiology 3 years 26400

 Fees For PhD at Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL)

Discipline Duration Total Fees (RM)
Business Administration 3 years 31500
Communication 3 years 31500
Civil Engineering 3 years 46500
Education 3 years 27750
Information Technology 3 years 31500

Fees For Ph.D. at UNITAR International University

Discipline Duration Total Fees (RM)
Business Administration (Online) 4 years 29000
Business Administration 3 years 33000
Management 3 years 33000
Education 3 years 24000
Information Technology 3 years 24000

 Fees For Ph.D. at Lincoln University in Malaysia

Discipline Duration Total Fees (RM)
Medical Physiology 3 years 27000
Medical Science 3 years 27000
Pharmacy 3 years 27000
Nursing 3 years 27000
Health Science 3 years 27000
Applied Science 3 years 24000
Medical Anatomy 3 years 27000
Psychology 3 years 24000
Social Science 3 years 24000
Education 3 years 24000
English 3 years 24000
Creative Arts & Design 3 years 24000
Mass Communication 3 years 24000
Engineering 3 years 27000
Computer Science 3 years 24000
Information Technology 3 years 24000
Business Administration 3 years 24000
Accounting 3 years 24000
Industrial Management 3 years 24000
Management 3 years 24000
Strategic Management 3 years 24000
Tourism & Hospitality Management 3 years 24000

 Fees For PhD at Geomatika University Malaysia

Discipline Duration Total Fees (RM)
Business Administration 4 years 36000
Business Administration (DBA) 3 years 36000
Law 3 years 42000

Fees For Ph.D. at Meritus University

Discipline Duration Total Fees (RM)
Business Management 3 years 32500

Ph.D. at Alfa University College

Discipline Duration Total Fees (RM)
Management 3-4 years 37500
Social Science 3-4 years 37500
Information Technology 3-4 years 37500

Ph.D. at UCMI University Malaysia

Discipline Duration Total Fees (RM)
Science 3 years 31000
Nursing 3 years 31000

Study Ph.D. at Kings University College in Malaysia

Discipline Duration Total Fees (RM)
Business Administration 3 years 66500


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