Study in Malaysia With Scholarship: The Advantages of Studying in Malaysia

Study in Malaysia With Scholarship: The Opportunities and advantages of studying in Malaysia. Why Study Malaysia? Study in Malaysia with Affordable Tuition Fees, Study in Malaysia With Scholarship, High Ranked Universities. Job opportunity. Accommodation and Safety.  Facilities. Comfortable Weather. Diversity of Food and Fruits. Heaven for Travelers. People and Culture.

Study in Malaysia

Why Study in Malaysia?  

Study in Malaysia is one of the best options for those students who want to study overseas for cheap. Malaysia has become a very popular country of study for Asian and Middle East countries’ students. There are some certain advantages in studying Malaysia that attract students all over the world to study here.

The opportunities and advantages of studying in Malaysia are:

Study in Malaysia with Affordable Tuition Fees

First of all, the study expenses in Malaysia are cheaper from other Asian countries for example Korea, Japan, and Singapore. Especially, public universities in Malaysia offer huge degrees and programs with low tuition fees.  Students from all over the world can get admitted to these public universities to pursue their desired degrees and programs at a low cost. As for the bachelor’s program, international students need to pay approximately RM10000 to 14000 per year. It costs approximately $3000 to $4000 that is a very attractive and affordable amount for international students. Malaysian universities provide a higher standard of education for international students with low tuition fees and accommodation expenses.

Why Study-In-Malaysia-With-Scholarship
Study in Malaysia With Scholarship

Secondly, both public and private universities in Malaysia offer a scholarship and study waiver to both national and international students. Study waivers and scholarships are available in many programs, from the foundation to a Ph.D. degree. Based on the previous educational result, many private universities provide up to 50% of scholarships for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. A wise decision for international students is to grasp this opportunity of studying in Malaysia with a scholarship. Click here to get all universities in Malaysia that offer scholarships for international students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Study in Malaysia in High Ranked Universities

In addition, students always want to complete their degree from a well-ranked university in the world. Malaysia has much well-ranked public and private universities. Every year, these universities are climbing up the ranking by improving their performance. The UM and UPM have been the most famous public university in Malaysia.  A list of the top ten universities in Malaysia with their latest QS world rank has given below:

Name of the UniversitiesWorld Rank 2020 World Rank 2021
Universiti Malaya70th59th
Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)159th132th
University Kebangsaan Malaysia160th141th
Universiti Sains Malaysia165th142th
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia217th187th

Taylor’s University

UCSI University442th391th
University Teknologi Petronas482th439th
University Utara Malaysia541-550th531-540th
Management and Science University651-700th551-560th

Source: QS World University Rankings 2021-2020.

Along with these universities, there are many private universities in Malaysia that managed to rank within 500 to 1000 QS world university rankings. In Malaysia, international students can complete their education from these universities at a very low expense.

Job opportunity

Furthermore, the Malaysian government allows international students to do both part-time and full-time jobs here. International students can do full-time time and business after study although they can do only part-time jobs during the study. After completing graduation here, they will easily get well-paid jobs. Additionally, they can start up their business projects without complications. In Malaysia, there are many job opportunities, for example:

  • Teaching Profession.
  • Business and marketing sectors.
  • Medical Professions.
  • ICT sectors.
  • Freelancing, Web Designing, Programming.
  • Tourism Sectors

Every year thousands of people around the world start their professional life in Malaysia with respectful job opportunities. Many of them also get settled here because of all the enormous opportunities they get here in Malaysia.

Study in Malaysia with Part-Time Jobs

Additionally, International students are also allowed to do part-time jobs. Students do part-time jobs easily during semester breaks. There are many international students who are working at restaurants, petrol pumps, super shops comfortably. This is a great advantage for those who have financial issues studying overseas.

Accommodation and Safety Facilities

Most importantly, students who want to study abroad, one of their major concerns is accommodation and safety. For females, safety is a serious issue for parents. But when we talk about Malaysia, it is a great place in Asia where students are totally secured. International students get well accommodation facilities at a low cost. Malaysia earned fame for safety contributions towards both its national people and International people.

The educational institutions have their own Hostel for providing accommodation facilities for national and international students. Along with accommodation facilities, these educational institutions ensure security. This is the reason, many female students are coming to Malaysia from all over the world to study here. Apart from these facilities students are also allowed to rent a house of their own. They can live their own ways as they feel appropriate.

Comfortable Weather

Similarly, the weather in Malaysia is just amazing with a tropical climate. The temperature ranges is between 20 to 30-degree Celsius that is not harsh at all. It seems like experiencing monsoon season all the time around the year. The weather never gets unbearable hot in summer and never shivering cold. It rains here frequently for the tropical climate. In one sentence, the weather in Malaysia is very friendly and comfortable for living.

Diversity of Food and Fruits

After all, Malaysia is better than in other countries in two facts. Firstly, fresh fruits and vegetables are available all year. People from all over the world know that the Malaysian Government doesn’t compromise with its food qualities. They focus more on producing organic food. Using formalin and chemicals in foods are strictly prohibited in Malaysia.

Secondly, the varieties of foods. If we talk about fast foods, Malaysia has almost all the international brand fast-food restaurants. Like: Star Bucks, McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, and so more. Also, there are a lot of local restaurants that produce healthy food.

Apart from foods, for its tropical climate, there are various types of fruits and vegetables that grow here. The common and local favorites are Durian, Dragon fruits, Rambutan, Pomelo, Mangosteens, Star fruit, mango, watermelon, and so more. And the most exciting fact is,  these fruits are found all over the year.

Malaysia is Heaven for Travelers

Many students love to explore and travel to new places. For them, Malaysia is undoubtedly the best place to enjoy the nature of beauty. There are many sea beaches to enjoy seashore, lakes for boating, mountains to hike, etc. The most attractive places in Malaysia to visit are :

  • Firstly, Langkawi Island: Special for sky bridge, waterfalls, cable cars, rainforest, beach, and parks.
  • Also, Genting Highlands: special for Outdoor Theme Park Kids, Chin Swee Caves Temple, Haunted Adventure, Strawberry Leisure Farm, Cable car, Casino de Genting, Indoor theme Park & Video Games Park.
  • Another, Perhentian Island: Special for, colorful, and beautiful corals. It is called the coral island. The traveler comes here to witness its beauty.
  • Further, Penang Island: Main attractions of this place are the National park, butterfly farm, street art, Old George Town, temples, etc.
  • Additionally, Kinabatangan: It is the best place in Malaysia for a wildlife safari. Tourists explore the jungle and its wildlife by boat safari.
  • Furthermore, Mount Kinabalu: The people who are interested in hiking, it is a perfect place for them. This place is called the hikers’ paradise.
  • Moreover, Sipadan Island: It is one of the best diving spots in Malaysia. Sipadan Island is the best option for diving underwater to experience diverse marine life.
  • Plus, Mantanani: Another awesome place to explore marine life.

In addition, there are many beautiful and exotic places in Malaysia to enjoy. People can visit these places easily without any hassle.

People and Cultures in Malaysia

Likewise, the Malaysian people are very friendly and warm. Therefore, they respect and welcome people from other countries wholeheartedly. Malaysian people are of different ethnicity, religion, and language. Most of them are Malay following the Chinese, Indians. People from different religions and cultures are living together which makes Malaysia a multicultural country. They observe their festivals including Thaipusam, Chinese New Year, Wesak Day, Gawai Harvest Festival, EID, Rainforest World Music Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, etc.

Hence, international students get an opportunity to know about people from different cultures and religions. So, Malaysia has become a great place to know about different languages, lifestyles, cultures.  Above all, these opportunities improve a student’s communicating skills and confidence level.

The additional opportunities that facilitate international students to study and stay in Malaysia, for example, friendly and co-operative teachers, cheap but fast internet facilities, free and best medical services provided by educational institutions, and transportation. In sum, Malaysian educational institutions have enough facilities for international students.

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      Actually, my friend said that I had to send my application to this Address: 5B & 5C (Lot No.9 & 10), Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra 54100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. but I send to this address: 166, Jalan Besar Ampang, Pekan Ampang, 68000 Ampang, Selangor. should I send my application again to this address:Address: 5B & 5C (Lot No.9 & 10), Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra 54100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia??.

      kindly let me know.

      1. You should have sent to this Address: 5B & 5C (Lot No.9 & 10), Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra 54100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
        However, hopefully, your problem will be solved. Contact the following number via WhatsApp: +60176852551

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      Today i went to Pejabat Pos Sungai Wang Plaza, Bukit Bintang to receive my passport. When they check the envelope, they found wrong passport. There was my name & address on the envelope bt the passport was someone else’s. What should i do now?

      My previous passport number is: BT0369063
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    15. Aug 18, 2021.
      Date of birth, 15.04.1995
      Renew korar jonno Application
      koreci.. Plz provide Delevary slip number

    16. Hello Sir, My 2 workers submit the application on 23-08-2021 by pos laju but Delivery Slip cannot find the Delivery Slip already 2 Months
      Khan Mohammad Mamun – BM 0547920 Pos Laju : EP825156337MY
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      Thank You
      Frankie Tay

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      MIAH RUBEL – BN0927749

      Terima kasih

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          Pos laju address..
          Pejabat pos besar johur baru 80000

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      Name:Mohammad Raton Ali
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      Renewal Application was Sent by Post on 11/04/2022
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