Scholarship in Malaysia For Foundation, Undergraduate, Masters and PhD Programs

Scholarship in Malaysia For Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs. Many universities and colleges in Malaysia offer tuition fees waivers and scholarships for international students. The scholarship offering system differs from university to university. For example, some universities offer a scholarship for all students who get admission. In contrast, some universities offer scholarships based on previous academic results. We are going to provide a list of the universities that offer scholarships.

Scholarship in Malaysia For Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs

A list of both public and private universities that offer a scholarship for international students

  1. Limkokwing University ( Up to 50 Percent scholarship)
  2. Management & Science University (MSU)-(Up to 30 percent based on previous academic result)
  3. Multimedia University – MMU (Upto 20 Percent but not for all programs)
  4. The University of Cyberjaya (Up to 20 percent allocated for all students)
  5. Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) (Up to 30 percent based on the previous academic result)
  6. City University Malaysia (Already reduced 50 percent tuition fees from the previous structure)
  7. Geomatika University College ( Up to 20 percent, although tuition fees are very low for all programs)
  8. MAHSA University ( Up to 20 percent scholarship allocated for all students)
  9. SEGi University ( Only Kuala Lumpur campus offers up to 20 percent scholarship for all program)
  10. Nilai University ( Offering scholarship up to 30 percent based on previous academic result)
  11. AIMST University ( Offering scholarship for all programs)

Global Assistant is the authorized student admission agent of all universities mentioned here. So, we will help you to get admission to these universities with maximum scholarships. Global Assistant determines to provide authentic information regarding University including program lists, tuition fees structure, intake, accommodation, and so more. We are assigned to assist potential international students to get admission with scholarship. Global Assistant tries to sanction the maximum amount of scholarship for the students; therefore, do not hesitate to ask us for information regarding scholarship and tuition waivers.

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